Bachelors Degree in Industrial (Technology) with an emphasis in automotive and vehicle power systems. In this professional program module, I studied in design, diagnostics and troubleshooting, R&D, fuels and lubrication efficiency research, dynamometer testing, experimental vehicle design, and high-performance modification and efficiency quantification.

Research Papers Include: Vehicle fuel efficiency studies, motorcycle design engineering, and efficiency study, Composite wheelchair design. I had senior projects including the design and installation of a Clayton chassis dynamometer, the BURT air-drive vehicle conversion, and the GM V8 to V4 twin turbo cylinder deactivated engine system.


Brakes & Suspension
Component Failure
Custom Vehicles
Drive Systems
Fuel Systems
High Performance
Specific DOT & NHTSA Regulatory Agency Specifications
Shocks & Forks
Suspension Failure
Wheels & Tires


Off-Road Accident & Crash Investigation 
Accident Reconstruction
High-Performance Modifications
Insurance Claims
Precision Measurement
Product Liability
Standards of Care
Racing Rules & Track Safety 
Repair Fraud
Routine & Out of Scope Maintenance
Warranty Interpretations


Experimental engines and vehicle components have been engineered under grants from GM and private funded organizations. Three years experience with a major auto tire manufacturer supporting application, sales, installation and warranty functions of aftermarket tires, wheels, and related components. I have two years working at full service and light mechanical service stations.


(Actual names of Clients, companies and law firms protected for confidentiality)

Plaintiff v. 3 Wheel Vehicle (Trike) Manufacturer

Representing: Plaintiff

Requirements: Repair Fraud; Technical knowledge of motor vehicle engine function and subsystems, exhaust systems and intake system tuning, troubleshooting and diagnostics.
Description: Plaintiff purchased a trike that utilizes a high-performance motorcycle engine for the power plant. The trike had a series of unresolved technical issues related to its power train and emissions control. We researched the vehicle’s problems and gave recommendations and conclusions to the attorney.
Outcome: Submitted Expert Report. Case Settled.

Plaintiff v. Motorized Scooter Manufacturer

Representing: Defendant

Requirements: Patent Infringement Case; Technical knowledge of motor driven Scooters, Patents, Design and Engineering. Review depositions, patent and legal findings, and access design similarities of patented designs.
Description: Plaintiff initiated a suit against a defendant over complaints to E-Bay that the plaintiff was selling patent protected motor scooters. The Defendant is countersuing for financial losses of E-Bay sales over patent violations of the plaintiff’s products.
Outcome: Submitted Expert Report. Case Settled.

Plaintiff v. Major Insurance Company

Representing: Plaintiff

Requirements: Industrial Manufacturing & Off Road Racing; Technical background
in Vehicles, shop machines, and tools, capital equipment, materials and processes, knowledge
of off-road racing, and trophy truck component design.
Description: Plaintiff Suing Insurance Company for repayment of stolen & insured capital equipment, machine equipment, tools, and off-road racing components. The insurance company claimed the plaintiff would not and/or could not have had this equipment in his manufacturing facility and is denied payoff based on possible fraud.
Outcome: Submitted Expert Report. Case won injury trial.

Expert Witness Solutions
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