Industrial Engineering expert witness at Smog Check Center

Background includes a Bachelor Degree and postgraduate study with special emphasis in manufacturing, engineering, materials, and advanced transportation technologies. Postgraduate seminar course work in specialized materials, processes, business, quality, and six years of engineering experience in materials, processes, product development, tooling, manufacturing, and production engineering, quality, and failure analysis. Combined senior-level industrial and engineering experience exceeds 27 years. Have lectured at major aerospace and military manufacturers on manufacturing materials, processes, and technologies.

Three patent disclosures have been submitted to the US Dept. of Navy while working as a manufacturing research engineer at Lockheed Martin Aerospace and have expert witness experience on a large multi-million-dollar patent infringement case, as well as, several other large cases. Direct technical experience in mechanical test laboratories and basic failure analysis. Direct experience in and been trained on CADAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing).


Adhesive & Adhesive Bonding
Composites & Metallic Materials
General Shop/Factory 
Hand Tools
Industrial Manufacturing Methods
Layout & Safety
Machine Tools
Precision Measurement
Plastics Design & Engineering
Production Operations
Shop/School/Factory Accidents


Forensic Examination of Component Failure
Legal Consulting & Expert Witness Activities
Manufacturing Operations
Manufacturing Related Contracts & Agreements
Materials & Process Engineering
Military & Commerical Aviation
Mold Making & Fine Tool Design
Patent Protection
Plastics Fabrication
Product Design
Quality Assurance
Some ISO, AS, OSHA & Quality-Related Issues
Sub Contracted Laboratory
Vacuum Bagging


(Actual names of Clients, companies and law firms protected for confidentiality)

Plaintiff v. Retail Store

Representing: Defendant

Description: Plaintiff was shopping at a store that carried a line of tables. A table fell apart injuring the plaintiff. The retailer claimed that it was a manufacturing/quality issue.
Requirements: Product liability and forensic examination of failed components; Technical background in the product design of a bonded table, metal/plastic bonded assemblies, best manufacturing practices and standards of care.
Outcome: Case Settled.

Plaintiff v. Textile Distributor

Representing: Plaintiff

Requirements: Industrial Materials and Quality Engineering Expert Witness; Technical background in textile manufacturing, quality assurance engineering, distributor relations, contracts, and inventory management.
Description: Industrial Manufacturing/Distributor Case. Distributor withheld payments for invoices exceeding 1.5 million dollars over perceived quality issues. Plaintiff is trying to collect money due.
Outcome: Case Settled.

Plaintiff v. Aerospace Parts Manufacturer

Representing: Defendant

Requirements: Industrial Distribution Expert Witness; Knowledge of Manufacturing and Distribution agreements and the standard practices used as it relates to business contracts and plastic part manufacturing.
Description: Large aerospace distributorship accused the defendant of breach of contract which led to a small manufacturer terminating their exclusive distribution agreement. The distributor seeks damages from loss of revenue.
Outcome: Submitted Expert Report. Case Settled

Plaintiff v. Large Plastic Broom Manufacturer

Representing: Defendant

Requirements: Industrial and Materials Engineering Expert Witness; Research the design, manufacture, and current condition of a plastic Broom. With a focus on the material, process and Forensic testing, develop an opinion on whether or not there was technology available at time of manufacture to prevent the failure, and how it failed.
Description: Product Liability Case. As a result of a possible product failure, a girl was partially blinded when a broom broke apart.
Outcome: Submitted Expert Report. Case Settled.

Plaintiff v. Large Plastics Manufacturer

Representing: Plaintiff

Requirements: Industrial Manufacturing Engineering Expert Witness; Technical background in
plastic Injection molding, tooling, materials, and processes.
Description: Industrial Manufacturing Case. A major toy Company sued a design engineering firm and Injection molding manufacturing company because the manufacturer could not deliver toy products on time. The manufacturer blamed the prototyping engineering firm. The Engineering firm blamed the manufacturer.
Outcome: Submitted Expert Report. Deposition Taken. Case settled.

Plaintiff v. Major Insurance Company

Representing: Plaintiff

Requirements: Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness; Technical background in automotive dynometer and smog test equipment.
Description: Smog check technician was injured at smog station while using dyno smog testing equipment. The Plaintiff sued the machine manufacturer based on the premise that past machine problems and repairs made resulted in a malfunction that caused the injury.
Outcome: Submitted Expert Report. Case settled.

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